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Muay Thai in Thailand information

Muay Thai: A mixed martial arts form

Muay Thai: A mixed martial arts form

Like most oriental countries, Thailand too has a martial art of its own. Unlike other martial arts, which have no more than two contact points, Muay Thai has 8 contact points. It has got influences of the martial arts forms of Cambodia, Malaysia and Laos. The word Muay is taken from Sanskrit word “mavya” which means to bind together. Muay Thai has been claimed to be around for at least 10 centuries. It is not a pure martial arts form and it has spread to other countries as well. It is also known as Thai boxing or Thai kickboxing.

How to start?
  Muay Thai introduction includes a rigorous training in many other sports, as Muay Thai involves a high level of fitness. One can use kicks, punches and elbow and knee thrusts during a fight. The space where it is practised looks like a boxing ring. There are 7 to 8 types of moves under each body part. For e.g. for punches alone, there are 8 moves like:
    • Mat Nueng called Jab in English
    • Mat wiang san is called hook in English
    • Mat wiangyao is called swing in English
  Similar such names exist for kicks and elbow moves. Before you get down to actually practising Muay Thai, you have to practise a number of exercises like:
    • Shadow Boxing
    • Running
    • Abdomen exercises on the medicine ball
    • Body weight resistance exercises
    • Rope Jumping
   All these exercises will help to prepare your body to combat the blows by your opponents. There are various ways of playing defence like evading or attacking. Only certain elbow moves have been banned because of the scars they tend to leave.

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Where to get information on Muay Thai?
   The internet abounds in Muay Thai information and Muay Thai has gained a lot of popularity over countries. Muay Thai introduction classes are offered by most metropolitan cities of the world. They are generally three hour long 3 month courses. For an advanced training, one can fly down to Thailand to learn. There are many good centres in Phuket and Bangkok and they are in the camp style with qualified instructors teaching you the techniques. One can stay at these camps and learn. There are private instructors available as well who offer private training to interested students. The lessons for a week can cost you around 550 bahts and the three month long lesson costs 27,000 bahts approximately.
   You can contact us for more information of Muay Thai in Thailand , Sweden or Europe .

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is a good sport to loes weight or improve fitness for everyone who want to take care their health .

News : Eakkarit Kungthepthonburi will fight with Kaimookkow for championship belt 130 Lbs of Rajadumneon stadium in soon .

News updated : It is near to reveal the Kiatpech muay thai program . It have 9 matchs that the fighters have not fought . Today the promoter have not confirm because he can choose and he can not announce the main fight . However Muangthai , the famous muay thai fighter who Thai fan club have trust in his fight , don’t sure who is his opponent between Ponkrit or Nuengthep .

Last Update : August 1st , 2012
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